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t. agency Releases New Album: ‘From The Crater To The Grave’

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“With every great feat that the world achieves, there is the compliment of great art that reflects that spirit of accomplishment. When the Mars Curiosity rover traveled from Earth and safely reached the red surface of the planet we call Mars earlier this month, music producer and space aficionado t. agency saw it as a sign that the world was ready for his next release. Set to be a 7 song EP, created with a progressive blend of electronic/downtempo production, From The Crater To The Grave reflects the sounds of an intergalactic rave among the stars. READ MORE

Warner Music Group Profit Breakdown

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Breakdown Of Major Label Profits

This is an interesting little breakdown of Warner Music Group‘s profits over the last three months. It seems that WGM managed to make $654 Million dollars last quarter, and judging from this pie chart, I’m sure it’s shocking to everyone how Digital Recordings and Physical Recordings are so close in percentage. How many hard copy CDs did you buy over the last three months?

I was also surprised that Licensing didn’t account for more, as I have always heard that commercials and video games are starting to have an increasing value and impact on the profit margins for labels, both major and independent. Oh well. It looks like the old guard is still up to the typical old guard stuff…at least they’re back making money, I guess.

Props To Hip Hop – “Classic Singles” Recap

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Last month, Props To Hip Hop put on a stellar performance at Sullivan Hall in NYC. The supergroup threw together live performances of some of the most classic and reputable songs of the 1990′s. The show was titled “Classic Singles” and classic it was. Bringing the finest emcees New York City has to offer along with a live band and a raging crowd was the perfect medicine for a rainy night. Stay up to date with Props To Hip Hop as we choose the next group you want to see us pay tribute to. Check the video at the jump!

Props To Hip Hop – New Site Launch

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TruStatement Entertainment and iLLspoKinN have tackled a new website for the Props To Hip Hop to live. On the site you will find videos from past shows highlihghting the best moments, interviews, music videos, and behind the scenes of the entire Props To Hip Hop fam. Stop by and let us know your thoughts!

What Happens When The Online Public Isn’t The Online Public

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Major Labels Hijack The Hype Machine
This is a pretty big deal in the opinions of those here at WWMTB. Prefixmag.com, one of our favorite entertainment blogs, provided readers with an in depth breakdown and case study of how Columbia Records recently pretended to be members of the regular online public to help spur it’s newest release from the band Passion Pit on blogs, more specific The Hype Machine. As the internet becomes the main source for breaking new bands and new music today, the credit for the success is being granted to the fact that the online public is making these bands a hit. But what happens when the online public really isn’t the actual “public”, but instead a corporation posing as the public. What happens to the creditability of the band, but more importantly the market itself? It’s nothing to get the US government involved in to stop, but it is certainly something that the public itself should take note of and fight against.

Check out the rest of the article here, and know what is going on in your proverbial (online) backyard.

Dumb & Dumber 2 Is A Reality

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Dumb & Dumber 2
So last week we heard from Dan Akroyd about how Bill Murray will definitely not be involved in a Ghostbusters 3. Devastating. This came after news that Jim Carrey had also given up on the idea of a Dumb & Dumber 2 after getting the runaround from the studios (New Line Cinema & Warner Bros.) and not getting the attention that Carey believed the movie deserved.

Well, we can’t make Bill Murray say yes to a new Ghostbusters, but it seems that Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels are on board for a Dumb & Dumber 2, and word has it that the project is back on and moving forward. The Farrelly Brothers are on board as well, obviously key members to the film, and it seems that Jim Carey is over his frustration. So, in celebration of the news, WWMTB picked the scene from the original movie that best described our excitement. Enjoy!

“Enough Said” – Drake feat. Aaliyah

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Enough Said - Drake feat. AaliyahDrake is really giving in to his obsession with Aaliyah recently. It was recently reported that Drake just spent some time getting a tatto in honor of the late R&B singer, and now it seems that the two have come together to put out a post-humous collaboration which works so well that you’ll start to remember why you were so sad that we lost Aaliyah in the first place. The track is down tempo, and Aaliyah carries it for the most part with Drizzy stopping in for a quick 16. Definitely check out the track below.

“Whatchu Want From Me?” – Homeboy Sandman

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Homeboy Sandman

Queens native and newly minted Stones Throw Records artist, Homeboy Sandman teams up with producer Oddisee to release this uptempo, mile a minute track that was released yesterday through www.stonesthrow.com. The song is called “Watchu Want From Me?” and it serves as the first single off of his upcoming Stones Throw full length debut, First Of A Living Breed which is set to drop on 9/18/12.

Snoop Lion

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Snoop has just changed his name to Snoop Lion after undergoing what he calls a spiritual and artistic rebirth in Jamaica. He developed a traditional reggae style while recording his album Reincarnated in the Caribbean country

“I have always said I was Bob Marley reincarnated,” Snoop, 40, told reporters at a news conference, according to The New York Times. “I have always been a Rastafari.”

Does this mean he’s done with Rap?! I don’t think so, at least not with the comment he made - ”I could never become Snoop Lion,” he says, “if I wasn’t Snoop Dogg first.”

Dej Loaf – Just Do It

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Thanks to our good friend and fellow producer Classick, we have discovered DEJ LOAF’s newest release entitled Just Do It. The freshman emcee is just touching the surface with her confident attitude as heard over the track “My Life” and “Intro” but keeps it low key on the tracks “Meant for Me” and “Mrs. Williams”. Though she sounds a bit young, you can clearly tell this girl has swag and will be sometime to stay on the lookout for. Check the bandcamp link HERE.