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“Enough Said” – Drake feat. Aaliyah

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Enough Said - Drake feat. AaliyahDrake is really giving in to his obsession with Aaliyah recently. It was recently reported that Drake just spent some time getting a tatto in honor of the late R&B singer, and now it seems that the two have come together to put out a post-humous collaboration which works so well that you’ll start to remember why you were so sad that we lost Aaliyah in the first place. The track is down tempo, and Aaliyah carries it for the most part with Drizzy stopping in for a quick 16. Definitely check out the track below.

“Bathsalts” – ASAP Crew (stream)

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Bathsalts - ASAP CrewHere’s a creepy first single from the upcoming project from Harlem’s own ASAP Crew. The track is called ”Bathsalts”, and in case you’ve been under a rock for the last year, you know already that ASAP Crew is the crew behind young rap sensation ASAP Rocky. The track features the recently pertinent named duo, Flatbush Zombies who have been handing out bathsalts left and right in Brooklyn in hopes of bringing the zombie apocalypse to reality for their own marketing purposes (kidding).

Tyler The Creator & Toro Y Moi Team Up

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Tyler The Creator & Toro Y Moi

I looked past this yesterday, cause it seemed to ridiculous to be true…but it is! Tyler The Creator & Toro Y Moi have teamed up to release a cool, mellowed out track with Tyler spitting some clumsy game to some dream girl, and Toro serenading the listener quitely in the background. It sounds like an odd pairing when you say it out load, but on record it kinda fits. Check it out below.

“A Man” – Blu & Exile

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This is a MUST download for Blu & Exile fans. I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I can’t even keep up with all of the back and forth with Blu’s releases recently, including his recent work with Exile under the album title Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them. Now that album is set to be officially released on September 4th and the duo plans to first hit fans with an EP entitled Maybe One Day and this track “A Man” is the lead single off of that EP, as well as the upcoming LP (Give Me My Flowers…)

PROPS TO HIP HOP – Spoiler Alert!!!

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Here’s a hot off the press spoiler alert for THIS FRIDAY’S Props To Hip Hop live band tribute to Classic Singles. The event is this Friday night (7/20) at Sullivan Hall (site), it starts at 9:30pm and you will most definitely hear me spitting the song below…don’t tell me you don’t remember this!!!

Discount Code: Props 

“Swimming” – Kendrick Lamar (stream)

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Kendrick Lamar
Here’s a leak from the new Kendrick Lamar album, which will be his major label debut. The album is called good kid, m.A.A.d city. This track is called “Swimming” and is set to appear on the upcoming album. The odd part about the track, if you’re familiar with Kendrick’s style, is that the song appears to be a club joint about drinking and “taking it to another level”. Not necessarily the subject matter that we’re use to hearing from Kendrick, but other than that it’s very much in the Kendrick style. Peep it below.


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Don’t know if you guys have heard of Doomtree, I’m just finding out about them. They’re pretty sick, I was left out of the loop somehow. I’m from the midwest…shame on me. I should’ve been reppin them since their self-titled debut album was released in 2008 on the collective’s eponymous label. “Hailing from the Minneapolis half of Minnesota’s Twin Cities region, hip-hop collective Doomtree spin their MCs’ eclectic influences into a highly literate brand of Midwestern rap”. The group has 6 rappers, and 2 producers.. read more about the band here. Hit the jump to check out the music video for their song “Beacon”, one of my favorites.